Data Recovery

Many people have found themselves in the midst of a terrible data loss disaster. At All About Tech, we have fortunately helped many people recover a large amount of data from external hard drives, computers, laptops, phones, and more. If your hard drive is still in working order, we will be able to extract it from your computer and/or laptop, provide you with an enclosure, and present to you your hard drive that can then be used as an external drive.

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Software Support

All About Tech has a diverse knowledge of software related issues. Once you product has been delivered and checked into our system, we will be able to provide you with a diagnosis of any potential software related issues. Our technician will be more than happy to evaluate what options there are for software cleanings, updates, upgrades, etc.



Hardware Support

All About Tech offers a wide range of technical diagnoses in order to provide you with a clear idea of what part(s) in your device need to be repaired and/or replaced. Once we have diagnosed any potential hardware problems, you are given a full comprehensive explanation as to what your options are, how long the repair could take, as well as a quote. All installations and repairs are done by our certified technician.

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